Expense Data - Cass Provides Meaningful, Actionable Data to Help Control Corporate Expenses

Analyzing expense data to better understand corporate costs and identify opportunities for business process improvement is a growing focus for CFOs, controllers and others involved in business process management. By analyzing cost data, companies can better manage suppliers and their own business processes.

Cass is a leader in corporate expense management, providing invoice management solutions for certain types of expenses. By automating invoice management, Cass is able to harvest data from invoices and provide tremendous insight into certain expenses, such as those for telecom, utility, freight, waste and other facility-related expenses.

Viewing and Analyzing Expense Data

Cass clients rely on specialized business intelligence engines to provide them with accurate data and expense analysis tools that help them manage costs. Clients have full visibility to their non-travel expense management process through online portals to view reports and analyze their freight expenses, energy costs and telecom spend.

For example, our telecom expense management clients have a complete enterprise view of all of their expense data - for both fixed and wireless telecom services and equipment. They can view optimization recommendations and execute cost-saving strategies online. Cass utility expense management clients use Expense$mart®, Cass' industry-leading business intelligence platform, to understand their energy usage and costs and even perform carbon accounting. Freight payment customers use CassPort®, our portal that consolidates logistical data into an organized OLAP cube for sophisticated cost reduction analysis. 

Expense Data Enables Proactive Vendor Management

With greater visibility to accurate spend data, organizations are better positioned to manage their suppliers and negotiate better service rates. Our freight audit and payment clients use expense data accessible via CassPort to develop and track performance via freight carrier scorecards. In addition to analyzing their own expense data via Cass portals, clients can use Cass benchmark data services to prepare for sourcing events such as freight, utility and telecom contract negotiations.

Expense Management White Papers & Case Studies

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