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Cass Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services improve processes and produce well-documented savings. TEM is more than just telecom invoice management. TEM is the business process that includes procurement, asset management, service optimization, change management, financial audit and payment management. All these components are tied together in the lifecycle of managing an organization's costs for voice and data communications including mobility and software services.  

What Makes Telecom Expense Management So Complicated?

Today, businesses are managing mobile devices, fixed telecom and even employee-owned equipment due to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Much of what the enterprise spends on communications and software is based on complicated rate structures and multiple-year agreements for ongoing services rather than a simple, one-time, flat fee. That means small-dollar mistakes can be repeated month after month, accruing to significant cost overcharges. After organizations negotiate with telecom carriers and software suppliers, they must manage the influx of monthly service invoices–all steeped in complexity and often error-ridden. Specialized telecom management software is required to audit invoices against an authoritative record of "assets" that include service contract records. Software alone doesn't get the job done. Managing enterprise communications costs requires significant technical domain expertise in enterprise telecommunications. It takes specialized skills to comprehend telecom rates, contracts and invoices. Someone who knows telecom, IT asset management and carrier billing also has to address change management, inventory, accounting rules and other issues to ensure the software performs as it should. 


We Don't Allow TEM Complexity to Become Your Problem 

Cass doesn't provide software so you can solve "your problem." Instead, we provide a team of experts equipped with ExpenseSmart™–our telecom expense management software–to get the job done. We ensure your company is paying for the services it actually uses–and is not paying for mobile devices, software and other telecom assets that are not in use. We support our clients' internal IT and telecom departments. By delivering best practices in telecom lifecycle management, Cass facilitates a closed-loop process that links your telecom contracts back to invoice approval and your payment. (After all, what's the point of negotiating great discounts if the invoices don't align with your agreement?)

What’s Different About Cass? 

It's not just our attitude of accountability that makes us different. What's different about Cass is results–and how we achieve them. We get results for our clients without expecting them to be hands-on experts at using our telecom software. With other TEM service companies, the client typically has to invest time to learn how to use the TEM software. Cass clients have options: You can use ExpenseSmart as much or as little as you like. Clients that possess the dedicated resources and the telecom expertise internally will gravitate to the ExpenseSmart platform for its ease of use and full set of features. However, clients who aren’t resourced with in-house telecom management expertise don’t have to learn how to use our tools to get great results. Unless the client prefers otherwise, we update the software when new contracts are executed. We are in the communication loop when you purchase services, so that we can maintain an accurate, updated telecom inventory on your behalf.

How Do You Know Cass is Getting the Job Done?

Our process is transparent. Our clients–if they wish–can log into our ExpenseSmart portal and view summary reports to track services and costs–and drill down to the most minor detail, such as an invoice or a single line of service. We also deliver scheduled reports and proactively meet with you to review actual results. Our reporting clarifies what you are spending–and what Cass has saved: hard dollar amounts that include recoveries for invoice errors and savings achieved by accepting our optimization recommendations.

Cass TEM services include strategic sourcing, telecom provisioning, inventory management, invoice management & payment, usage management, audit, dispute resolution and business intelligence and reporting. Our mobility management solutions include expense management for BYOD.

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