Is your BYOD Plan Scalable?

Lifting your BYOD plan from theory to reality requires putting a number of systems and processes in place. Most organizations have tackled this challenge with a piecemeal approach, which has left them with a limited ability to manage policy, processes and costs.

Cass provides an end-to-end solution for BYOD management, built to support scalable, enterprise BYOD plans. Delivering automated process flows, support for policy management, security and outsourced reimbursement, Cass BYOD has been adopted by organizations such as Nationwide Insurance and Michelin.

 BYOD policy   

BYOD Policy eBook: Get the 8-Point Guide

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BYOD cost management     

Cost Strategies for BYOD

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 BYOD case study   

Case Study: BYOD Management at Michelin

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The complete Cass solution for BYOD delivers:

  • Employee self-enrollment, with approval workflow and policy acceptance, supported by integration with client HRIS 
  • Inventory management, so companies can keep an accurate count of BYOD plan participants as well as details such as device(s) and operating system. 
  • Integration with the leading MDM providers 
  • Employee reimbursement automation that replaces expense reports and stipends (see the infographic). 
  • Multiple levels of validation and cost controls 
  • Accurate cost allocation data, delivered via integration with client accounting software 
  • Help desk support 
  • Reporting and dashboards to provide all levels of management with clear, actionable intelligence regarding total spend and enrollment

Complete Platform for Enterprise Mobility Management

The Cass BYOD solution is completely integrated with our mobility expense management solution, allowing our clients to manage all devices – company-owned and BYOD – with one platform and one provider. Common workflow, accounting standards, and consistent and integrated reporting, all delivered on top of a professional managed services core, make Cass the leader in enterprise mobility – and BYOD – management.

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