Convert Your Telecom Invoices to EDI Processing

Like all other steps in the technology lifecycle, we seek to maximize the use of automation and available technologies.

A goal of any telecom expense management project is the elimination of paper invoices from the billing process. Only EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) invoices will enable fulfillment of your long term goals of:

  • Audits that are integrated into an automated process and that drive continuous process improvement. Electronic data formats enable regular system audits, validating charges against inventory and contract data. No more dependence on post-process box audits. 

  • Lower processing costs, because electronic files are much more efficiently processed than paper 

  • Rich data assets feeding a data warehouse of telecom expense information.

A TEM provider with a successful track record of working with the carriers on this process will willingly accept accountability to help you convert to EDI processing.

Some carriers cannot deliver telecom invoices via EDI. In those cases, we seek the most efficient method possible.

EDI ANSI 811 – Necessary for Complete Invoice Audits

We work closely with carriers to create files for voice & data telecom invoices in a format known as ANSI 811. This industry standard delivers charge-level, rather than higher feature-level, detail. Only EDI ANSI 811 enables the audit of every invoice charge – and is where a large percentage of errors and unauthorized services often reside. These often small but repetitive overcharges can significantly increase costs when not addressed.

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