GL / Cost Allocation for Telecom

Track Telecom Expenses at Any Level With Ease

Cass provides extensive expertise in implementing telecom expense management systems that allow you to see and manage expenses at all levels. Our system delivers visibility to match your business needs. For more than 50 years, Cass has been providing expense management and sophisticated payment solutions for many of the world’s largest companies. This expertise helps our clients accurately account for their telecom expenses.

Our technology platform gives you the ability to directly charge back business units for fixed telecom and mobility services and costs they have used. It automatically allocates all telecom expenses to internal cost centers and GL account codes based on systematically stored rules that you (or we) maintain.

You will have the ability to report on, manage and review expenses at all levels of your organizational hierarchy at any level of detail. Benchmarking locations and business units to their peers becomes a simple function with our business unit reporting.

Telecom Cost Allocation Capabilities

  • Expense detail at all levels 
  • Expense chargeback to internal cost centers 
  • Variance and trend analysis at any level of the organization 
  • Historical trending by cost center 
  • View of services usage by business unit 
  • Interface to internal financial applications

Gain Efficiency & Visibility to All Telecom Costs

  • Eliminate manual invoice allocation processes
  • Enable cost center peer review and benchmarking 
  • Increase visibility into location costs 
  • Increase ability to manage expenses by region, location, cost center

Integration with client HRIS software supports accounting for wireless expenses. By doing this, we can systematically tie carrier wireless accounts to users and organizational. Even as employees move, cost allocations remain accurate.

GL File Delivery

Integration with your General Ledger system enables the transfer of GL files designed to your telecom accounting specifications. This closes the loop and provides a completely automated receipt-through-payment workflow.

More Expense Management Solutions from Cass

Organizations focused on tight cost controls and process improvement choose Cass, the leader in non-travel expense management. Cass manages $30 billion annually in expenses for telecom, transportation, utilities and waste. Learn more about our expense management solutions.