Why Leading Companies Outsource Business Processes to Cass

Companies Outsource Complex Payables Processing to Cass

Cass is a business process outsourcer and leader in payables outsourcing for telecom, freight, utilities, waste and other facility-related costs. We are a back-office for the processing of various complex invoices, also known as complex payables. Instead of these complex invoices being delivered to our customers' facilities, the invoices are sent directly to Cass, where they are processed and, in most cases, paid. 

Many executives recognize that they under-manage their back-offices - which is one of the reasons that the business process outsourcing (BPO) market is growing.

Pure Software vs. Software-Assisted Service to Manage Payables

As a business process outsourcer, we provide more than just software. We offer a technology-assisted service to manage complex payables. In other words, we combine the people, processes and automation tools to manage business processes from end to end on behalf of our clients. 

In contrast, pure software providers might supply software installed on your premises or software delivered as a service. However, software alone doesn't achieve best-practice results. It is up to the user organization to drive results through the implementation of the software. The organization also incurs the costs and responsibility of ongoing maintenance and configurations that keep the software in step with the changing business.  

At Cass, the delivery model is different. Clients pay a predictable monthly fee for service and are assigned an account team. The Cass team reports key results and other process metrics. This means the Cass team is accountable for more than just software delivery; we're accountable for business results. Visibility to the process is afforded at all times through online reporting, giving our clients the ability to manage the process and results, but remove themselves from day-to-day operations.

Outsourcing Complex Payables to a Business Process Outsourcer

Outsourcing your business process for managing utility bill payment, telecom expense management, waste expense management and freight invoice audit and payment aligns with most CXO’s key objectives:

   1. Control general & administrative (G&A) costs  
   2. Increase focus on critical activities by decreasing focus on non-core tasks
   3. Achieve world-class results without commensurate investment

Outsourcing Increases Visibility into Spend Metrics

Can your accounts payable department tell you what your enterprise spends each year in late fees to telecom carriers and utilities? If your transportation manager negotiates an extended term with a logistics provider (say 60 or 90 days), can accounts payable manage those payments precisely - or will they likely get paid too early?  

An in-house financial  team responsible for all an organization's accounts payable operations typically aren’t as accountable to deliver the same standards for data quality, reporting and KPI achievement as an outside service provider that specializes in key niches such as freight, telecom, energy and waste. Many companies that haven’t outsourced complex payables processing struggle to accurately calculate their internal costs for processing these invoices. Organizations that boast low costs for in-house invoice processing typically cannot produce sophisticated reporting and spend analysis of their energy freight, telecom or waste spend, which devalues the perceived “savings” of their low internal processing costs. 

However, when the right amount of accurate data is available from a BPO, greater intelligence about usage and expenses can be leveraged for procurement. With better data, your organization can procure freight, telecom, energy and waste services more efficiently.