Core Competencies

Cass is a leading provider of expense management solutions for complex payables. Achieving excellence in payables processing and business intelligence requires a unique set of core competencies. The integration of these competencies – data acquisition, data management, financial exchange and business intelligence – delivers a strong value proposition.

Data Acquisition

Everything we do begins with data. Cass employs efficient methods of data acquisition, including EDI to acquire invoice, contract and other data. Through aggregation, normalization and other enrichment methods, data is assembled in centralized systems and warehouses.

Data Management

Data management is a multi-faceted discipline:

Process management controls: Strict data management processes ensure consistent application of business rules. These apply, for example, to invoice validation, exception determination, and payment scheduling, for example.

Protection: The highest standards are in place for protection of data, from both a security and disaster recovery standpoint.

Value enhancement: When disparate data is aggregated from multiple sources, and additional information created through processing and payment activities, the value of the data increases exponentially.

Delivery: Cass delivers client data through system integrations with TMS, financial/accounting, ERP and other systems. Business intelligence portals are also powerful data gathering tools.

Storage/Archival: Advanced technology, controls and security are in place to maintain client data for long periods of time.

Business Intelligence

Cass delivers online analytical processing (OLAP) tools so that customers can review custom reports and analyze trends via Cass business intelligence (BI) portals. With accurate spend and usage details, our BI platforms enable further expense management initiatives, usage optimization, advanced reporting and more.

Cass’ business intelligence solutions:

  • Provide accurate and granular visibility to your spend data
  • Include both standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Deliver transaction, operational, control, status and processing exception information

Financial Exchange

Cass is unique in the complex payables market because of its ownership of Cass Commercial Bank. As a top-rated financial institution, Cass Bank provides protected funds management for our clients while managing the movement of funds for payables transactions.

These sophisticated financial systems optimize the payment process, providing:

  • Increased payment flexibility
  • Increased security of funds
  • Precision payment scheduling
  • Greater transparency in funds transfer process
  • Easier payment tracking

Learn More About Cass Services

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