Freight Carrier Payment Services

Still Receiving Paper Checks? Sign up for ACH!

  • Deposit timing is reliable
  • ACH eliminates mail variances due to holidays, weather or heavy mail times.
  • ACH reduces lock box processing and the associated fees.
  • There is no need to prepare deposit forms and deliver them to your bank.
  • Funds are immediately available. There are no clearing times associated with ACH deposits, which reduces the amount of uncollected funds that may be assigned to your bank balances
  • You will receive your payment in about the same amount of time that you would if we mailed you a paper check; and, there are no fees for ACH.

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Receive Automatic Invoice Updates

Now you can receive invoice status updates electronically from Cass. By importing files directly into your receivables system, you can minimize phone calls, reduce manual data entry and save on collection costs. 

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