Non-Travel Expense Management

Most large enterprises have moved beyond manual, paper-intensive processes to manage employee reimbursements for travel and other business expenses. Successful travel expense management initiatives have yielded impressive business results - everything from cost savings to stronger governance of corporate policies. And once implemented, automated solutions for travel expense management create visibility to spend that, when analyzed appropriately, generates the impetus for further cost improvements from ongoing business process improvements. 

Change leaders that have experienced success in managing T&E automation initiatives should investigate opportunities for further success in other areas of expense management. 

Non-travel expense management solutions for telecom, utility, freight, waste and other facility-related expenses are the domain of Cass Information Systems, a business process outsourcer that serves clients such as Emerson, Macy's, Sonoco, Ford, Toyota, Unilever and many others.

Specialized Non-Travel Expense Management Software Applies Unique Business Rules

Cass invoice processing automation includes: verification/audit of the charge, harvesting invoice data, building a data warehouse for business analytics, allocating charges to cost centers and other controls such as supplier/contract compliance. Cass focuses on “complex payables” and achieves results that cannot be gained through the deployment of generic purchase-to-pay automation products. Each high-value business process must be handled uniquely, with software that accommodates specific functionality and business rules.

In telecom expense management, the core software application manages telecom orders and updates the telecom inventory database so that when invoices arrive, charges can be audited against inventory. The software is able to ask the question, “Why is our New Jersey location being billed for three T1s, when our inventory database shows that only two are in service?” In parcel management, the specialized software is able to apply specific business logic to analyze each line-item charge to look for mistakes specific to parcel shipping. Ratemaker®, our freight rating engine, is a key component of the suite of software that automates our freight audit & payment service. In utility cost management, clients rely on the Cass ExpenseSmart® platform to manage usage, expense, budgets and carbon accounting

Web-based Software Provides Visibility to the Process

Cass clients have complete visibility to the expense management process through online portals to view reports and analyze their freight expenses, energy costs and telecom spend

More Non-Travel Expense Management Information

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