Improve Your Processes with Strategic Telecom Business Solutions

All organizations want to eliminate manual processes such as paper invoice handling and one-off inventory change requests. They also want to integrate enterprise systems to maximize automation and data integrity. Communications lifecycle management solutions for managing both fixed and wireless telecom create centralized, automated processes. At the same time, they put controls in place for invoice audits, inventory management and policy enforcement.

By adopting a lifecycle approach to telecom management, processes that used to exist within organizational silos become unified and coordinated within a single platform, and supported by a single account team at Cass.

Companies that adopt our solutions automate and improve processes for:

In short, our technology platform – integrated for both fixed and wireless telecom – service delivery replace manual or clumsy processes with automation and efficiency.

Automate your BYOD Processes

Cass enables BYOD best practices with its unique platform that facilitates policy compliance management and employee reimbursement through the most efficient method possible – paying directly to the carrier. Clients using the Cass platform to enable BYOD have centralized visibility to all mobile devices – both corporate- and employee-owned. The Cass BYOD solution offers:

  • Direct-to-carrier payments 
  • Policy management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Automated provisioning

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