A Reliable IT Change Management Process

Managing the telecom lifecycle means managing change. Cass automates telecom change management with procedures based in best-practice, IT service management methodologies. For example, our telecom lifecycle management solution is similar to an ITIL-based service management approach in that all changes are tracked within the system. When new services or equipment is ordered, we offer processes so that your telecom inventory is updated. 

Cass telecom and IT change processes vary depending upon the needs of the client. Some clients use our tools to inform us of changes and we update the TEM software; some clients use the provisioning tools within the Cass ExpenseSmart™ system, and we also integrate with our clients' IT service management software to keep systems up to date. We work with each client to make sure our processes for telecom change management work for the client; we don't expect the client to have to conform to one set of rigid change management processes. The bottomline: Cass takes accountability to update the system on behalf of the client, using agreed upon processes for the client to furnish updates to Cass. Those updates may happen system-to-system or by other means.

Wireline Change Management

Many events necessitate changes to your fixed telecom infrastructure: store openings and closings, branch relocations, data center moves and technology migration, to name a few. Cass provides a central, automated platform, supported by a professional account team, to manage these changes smoothly.

Our telecom lifecycle management platform automates the process for moves, adds, changes, and deletes (MACDs), making change management systematic and reliable. Our proven processes eliminate typical change-induced chaos such as service shut-offs, inaccurate inventory, late fees and continued payments for cancelled services. And because change management is integrated within our technology platform, invoices are validated against inventory that stays current. If a carrier makes an invoicing mistake – for example, it continues billing for a recently closed account – the error can be caught and corrected immediately.

Wireless Change Management

In the world of employee mobility, change happens at the user level. Cass takes this administrative burden off of your team, providing proven, technology-enabled processes to reliably meet your needs. These include, for example: 

  • Centralized provisioning through a Cass-maintained device and service ordering portal 
  • Automated inventory management 
  • Automated G/L assignment for newly-provisioned services, and cost center accounting changes for employees who move within the company 
  • Automated service cancellation for terminated employees

Managing change should happen within the context of comprehensive lifecycle management program, and within an integrated mobility management platform.

More About Managing Telecom Changes

Telecom changes impact your telecom inventory. For more information, view our videos and read The Five Myths of Telecom Inventory Management.