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Best Practices in BYOD Onboarding Through Employee Portal 

Cass has comprised a team of BYOD experts to help you with both the strategy and execution of your BYOD program. In order to provide efficient execution, Cass has developed a turnkey BYOD solution, eliminating the need for your staff to cobble together a myriad of "point solutions" to create an efficient, closed-loop process. At the hub of the Cass BYOD Management Solution is the employee enrollment portal.

BYOD Self Service Portal

The Cass Employee Enrollment portal integrates with other corporate systems to automate processes for --

  • BYOD program eligibility - The portal integrates with your HRIS to determine program eligibility and stipend allowances. Stipend amounts typically range from $0 - $80.  
  • Policy management - Employees are able to review and accept the company mobility policy.
  • Security Management Enforcement - The portal integrates with your company's mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) software. This automates the process of installing required software and applications to employee-owned devices and ensures that employees are compliant with your policy.
  • BYOD stipend payment management - The patented Cass Direct2Carrier Stipend Payment system applies a credit directly to the employee’s mobile account with their carrier, thus eliminating expense reports or payroll stipends and all the extra cost and compliance issues that come along with them.

For more information about Cass and our BYOD solution, view the documents below or contact Cass today.

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