BYOD Statistics - New Cass BYOD Study Reveals BYOD Growth & Maturity

Newly released in 2016, the Cass BYOD & Mobility Study comprises input from more than 200 telecom and IT professionals in the U.S. and Canada. The study’s data, gathered via an online survey conducted in late 2015, support the narrative that BYOD has taken root in Corporate America:

  • 60% of respondents say the number of BYOD users at their organization has increased since last year.
  • 85% say they have at least some BYOD users
  • 36% say they have 1,000 or more BYOD users

IT Managers Report Increase in BYOD Workload

With more BYOD users comes more BYOD work. Another key finding of the Cass study: BYOD automation is high on the priority list for a majority of respondents: 61% indicate the desire for better automation to manage their BYOD program. At the same time, 40% agree with the statement that BYOD is still not scalable; it has too many inefficient and manual processes.

To Pay or Not to Pay BYOD Stipends?

Most of those surveyed – 57% – say that their company offers some type of BYOD reimbursement to at least some BYOD users. And that sits well with IT managers.  55% of respondents were in favor of BYOD reimbursements so that their employees would have “skin in the game.” 

Partner with Cass to Manage Your BYOD Program

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Cass Telecom BYOD Study Results

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