End User Reporting Supports Mobile Expense Management

Sharing information with employees about the cost of their own devices encourages a shared responsibility for mobile expense management. According to a 2011 study by iPass, 70% of employees said they would go on a “data diet” if they knew they were exceeding their data plan.

Cass helps you involve your employees in mobility expense management. By automating the delivery of monthly reports, we provide your employees with cost and usage data. And, our ExpenseSmart mobile app is available for your employees to track their usage as well.

Visibility Provided at All Levels

Visibility is provided to multiple levels of employees based on their roles within the organization. Users can see individual usage and cost data. Monthly reports pushed out to managers’ inboxes provide the ability to analyze activity and trends for their employees and/or cost centers.

Telecom and IT staff have a large business intelligence engine at their fingertips, as do accounts payable staff and financial managers. While standard management reports are available, data can also be sliced and diced any number of ways – by division, carrier or device type, for example.

Without thorough and deep visibility, properly managing mobile expenses is impossible.

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