Mobile Device Management

Delivered as a Managed Service from Cass for both Corporate- and Employee-Owned Devices

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions are necessary for both corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices to control access and safeguard corporate data. If a smartphone, tablet or laptop is missing and it contains stored confidential data and/or it is able to access private corporate networks, ownership doesn’t matter. The risk is the same whether the device is corporate-owned or owned by the employee. 

Cass provides a turnkey solution for mobile device management – for all devices that access your network. The Cass solution offers:

• Security through encryption and network access controls, authentication and virus protection
• Remote lock / data wipe in case of missing or stolen devices
• Containerization technology that allows personal content and corporate information on mobile devices to be managed separately. Organizations that must comply with FCRA, HIPAA and other strong regulatory policies rely on containerization technology for regulatory compliance. Containerization technology allows a “selective” wipe in the event of an employee leaving the BYOD program or a lost or stolen device.
• Policy management and enforcement. This ensures that employees are aware of their responsibilities associated with network access and defines expectations of the program.

Manage Devices Securely Through a Holistic, Lifecycle Management Approach

Mobile device management software is developed to do just that – manage devices. However, it’s important to note that device management is just part of the big picture of mobility management. The business goal of enabling mobility at the lowest cost to a larger share of the workforce can best be achieved by taking a holistic view of the entire communications lifecycle. That means developing a holistic plan for corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. It means managing policy for all devices that access corporate networks – no matter who owns them – and choosing enabling technology so you can enforce your policy decisions. That’s why Cass and its managed services offering appeals to enterprise organizations. Cass offers a total solution for communications lifecycle management. 

Cass Provides Continuity in an Evolving Industry through its Managed MDM Deployments

Numerous software companies manufacture their own brand of MDM software and most can be delivered through a SaaS model. Many MDM products today lack differentiation and are being offered by nascent solution providers. Analysts are predicting consolidation through corporate acquisition, which means the MDM solution you buy today could be obsolete very soon. So how do you pick the solution that fits your company’s needs along with a company that has the staying power to deliver well in to the future? 

We recommend you choose Cass – a publicly traded, financially strong solutions provider that’s been in business for more than 100 years. As a managed service provider, we will make leading, best-of-breed MDM solutions available to you through our managed offering. We select reliable business partners to deliver a complete solution, and as industry consolidation occurs, we provide continuity and interoperability.

Learn More About Cass Mobility Management

Today most organizations are managing a mix of both employee-owned and corporate-owned mobile devices. Learn how Cass provides mobility management including managed BYOD programs as part of its comprehensive communications lifecycle management offering.