Complete Enterprise Mobility Management

Deploy Cass and MobileIron together, and lay the perfect foundation for your Mobile First environment.


With an integrated end-to-end mobility management solution for both corporate devices and BYOD, the Cass-MobileIron partnership delivers the efficiency, visibility and controls you need:

  • Streamlined self-enrollment process (corporate or BYOD) with integration to all major HRIS software
  • Real-time device management
  • Complete expense management & reporting
  • Direct-to-carrier payments for BYOD stipends
  • Improved ability to enable and enforce IT security, policies and compliance for all mobile devices
  • Inventory management for mobile assets
  • The ability to remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Single, end-user experience for service requests, EMM/MDM registration and enrollment, cost reporting and technical support
  • Common platform and methods for managing corporate-owned and employee-owned mobile assets 

We support your Mobile First environment by connecting telecom expense management and EMM/MDM at common touch points, creating a complete mobility solution that reduces the time, effort and costs of deploying and managing your mobile environment.


Enterprise Mobility Management

Real-time bi-directional updates between MobileIron VSP and Cass ExpenseSmart for corporate and BYOD devices.

The Cass ExpenseSmart Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM) Cloud Services and MobileIron VSP Administration Server are integrated to provide a common, single end-user experience for mobility service requests, employee- and corporate-owned program enrollment, automated EMM/MDM registration, cost reporting and device technical support.

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