Mobile Rate Plan Optimization

Systematically reviewing and optimizing wireless plans can result in drastic mobility cost savings. Cass makes plan optimization a systematic, formalized, scheduled event. During these events, your assigned Cass mobility analyst will review usage algorithms to find the outliers – individuals who repeatedly exceed or underutilize their monthly minute allowance or data plan. Familiar with the plans from all the carriers, we can identify and recommend the most cost-effective plan for them.

We approach the process of pool optimization systematically as well. Reviewing historical usage, cost per minute, and running a variety of scenarios for future usage and costs, we’ll work with you to right-size your pooled minute plans.

Our standard reporting also makes it easy to flag excessive consumption and policy compliance. Quickly determine who is incurring roaming charges or making international and 411 calls, for example. When plan and pool changes are needed, they are submitted to your carriers through a workflow process orchestrated by our lifecycle management platform. Once the new plan is in place, inventory and contract records are updated. Subsequent invoices will be validated against this new data.

The result is impressive savings – with the right plans and pools for your end users and organization.

Cost-Cutting through User Awareness

Sharing information with employees about their own costs encourages a shared responsibility for the expense. According to a 2011 study by iPass, the great majority of employees have no idea what their employers are paying for their connectivity costs. 70% of employees, however, said they would go on a “data diet” if they knew they were exceeding their data plan.

To that end, you can have monthly reports sent to your employees keeping them apprised of their minute, data and text message usage and costs.

Managers can receive similar reports for their employees and/or cost centers.

The Full Cass Solution

Our mobile expense management solution spans the entire source-to-pay lifecycle, including sourcinginvoice management & payment, device and service inventory, change management, help desk and mobile device recycling.

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