Wireless Help Desk Services

Because today’s businesses rely on mobility, your help desk must operate at peak service levels. Supporting mobility user issues has become a core – but challenging - IT function. It is time consuming and requires a broad knowledge of devices and operating systems, which are constantly changing. BYOD creates even more wrinkles, bringing more devices, issues, and support protocols into the mix. So if you are grappling with how to deliver a high level of wireless help desk support, you are not alone.

That’s why many enterprises have outsourced their wireless help desk. Cass’ wireless help desk provides efficient wireless support, configured to your company’s needs. Our agents understand all the device types and operating systems, and handle an extremely wide range of issues.

Cass Mobility Help Desk Services Include:

  • Service troubleshooting 
  • Device and service provisioning support 
  • Oversight of vendor service requests 
  • Activation and deactivation support 
  • Break fix testing to determine if new equipment is required

Maintaining high service levels and accountability is central to our mission and a factor in our high client retention rates. Each client who relies on the Cass wireless help desk has a named support team, which means that your agents are familiar with your unique needs and policies. We conduct monthly performance reviews to provide updates, gain service feedback and answer clients’ management questions.

Metrics reviewed during these calls include: 

  • Average call type (i.e. provision, troubleshoot, etc.) 
  • Total calls received 
  • Number of handled calls 
  • Number of missed calls 
  • Average length of calls

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