Use the Cass Strategic Sourcing Process to Manage Your Next Telecom RFP

Are Your Carrier Contracts Up for Renewal? Cass Can Help!

Creating a telecom RFP for your corporation’s telecommunication services can be a complex and time-consuming process. On average, organizations spend six months completing a comprehensive analysis of their current and future communication requirements and carrier capabilities prior to starting carrier negotiations. Cass Strategic Sourcing can reduce that time to four to six weeks without compromising the integrity of your procurement needs.

How? We have an extensive list of technical and business specifications, including strong SLA language, covering all aspects of the latest technologies and networking trends. We have online tools that allow your selected vendors to respond to your technical, business, service, support, pricing and contractual requirements. These tools enable Cass to quickly assess and score the responses to your specifications allowing you to better assess how the vendors meet your requirements by asking them to explain how “their” solution fits your needs.

Nine Elements of a Comprehensive Telecom Procurement Event

When you engage Cass to help you execute a strategic sourcing project, Cass will produce the following:

  1. Preparation of one-month billing detail for all services to be included

  2. Analysis of costs breaking down all services to their cost components (voice, data, features, etc.)

  3. Benchmarking all services versus current best of market pricing

  4. Technical assessment of new technologies that offer lower cost and increased functionality

  5. Telecom RFP development with critical specifications and pricing components to meet current and future business requirements

  6. Assessment of vendors that can provide competitive pricing and world-class support for the services included in the telecom RFP

  7. Release of telecom RFP to your selected vendors for their consideration and response

  8. Analysis of vendors’ responses including scored and ranked specifications, pricing, technical capabilities, and contractual requirements

  9. Recommendations for negotiations

Our strategic sourcing process is structured to provide you with solid, actionable information. Your exact telecom contract negotiation time frame will depend on the number of vendors selected and your team’s availability to work through the identified issues to obtain legal approval. 

The Cost to Engage Cass to Execute Your Sourcing Project

Cass Strategic Sourcing engagements are priced very competitively for a complete package. We guarantee our performance and will work with your specific requirements for contracting. Most clients achieve an average reduction in costs of 32% without necessarily changing carriers. Cass can assist you in achieving world-class pricing and contracts for your telecommunications needs. To find out more about costs and timeframes, contact us today.

Note: Whether or not your organization selects Cass for telecommunications expense management services, you can fully utilize our strategic sourcing services. Cass strategic sourcing services are available to both current clients and non-clients.   

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