Leverage the Cass ACH Payment Network

Two goals of your TEM project are to (1) reduce overall costs and (2) to free up your internal resources for higher value tasks. Late fees might be a significant component of your costs today. Payment reconciliation and dispute management issues can be a significant time drain. If you manage the process internally, your staff may spend considerable time communicating with your accounts payable team to research payment history. If this information isn’t readily accessible, it’s difficult to manage disputes.

To better utilize their resources, strategically-thinking organizations prefer to outsource the payment process as a component of overall telecom expense management. This minimizes workload for both the IT and Accounts Payable organizations. And, it allows the controller to hold the BPO accountable for managing on-time payments and minimizing late fees.

Secure Payment Services

Cass provides the highest levels of security and reliability in payment management. As a publicly held company, we meet the highest standards in accounting practices, financial disclosures, and corporate governance. And as a financial holding company, we provide the sophisticated processing capabilities and financial integrity of a banking organization. Cass provides immediate, accurate, controlled and protected funds management and transfer system capabilities for hundreds of household-name clients.

Cass customers replace old, costly check processing and delivery mechanisms with the much more efficient electronic cash management and funds transfer systems of a Federal Reserve Member Bank.

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