Telecom Cost Management & Cost Analysis

Telecom cost management is a challenge in most enterprises. That’s because telecom invoices are riddled with errors – regardless of carrier. Inadequate processes for ordering telecom services, documenting telecom services and inventories, and reviewing invoices further contribute to inefficiencies. Enterprise telecom invoices are detailed, complicated and often hundreds of pages long. The typical enterprise telecom invoice – if printed on paper and mailed – will arrive in a box, not an envelope. It takes more than spreadsheets, software and the spare time of a couple in-house IT professionals to tame the beast.

Telecom cost management produces results

Cass clients typically reach a positive ROI within the first twelve months of transitioning to the Cass Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service, with many clients experiencing 400% or greater return.

Best-in-class TEM providers achieve savings by enabling continuous process improvement in telecom expense management. Implementing TEM is akin to other business process management projects, whereby the results are ongoing. The payback goes well beyond periodic invoice audit “events.” Return on investment is achieved through a closed-loop, business process improvement system that comprises both people and technology. To be optimally effective, such a TEM system must include:

1. Automated invoice processing methods that capture all charge-level data from invoices

2. Business analytics tools and a data mart containing accurate telecom inventory and expense information systematic audits of each detailed charge against client-specific business rules

3. A professional telecom staff to analyze business intelligence, recommend savings, manage billing disputes and recover overcharges  

4. Process integration among IT, accounting, business units, facilities, HR or other appropriate stakeholders so that change can be managed effectively

Unless your current process is built around a software platform and professional services team that fits the description above, you aren’t yet managing your telecom expenses optimally.

Tracking Your Savings

Cass account management practices include a monthly review in which the client and the Cass account manager review savings together. At all times, the system provides full visibility to all telecom billing disputes being “worked” by the Cass audit team on your behalf.

The Cass TEM application allows you to easily track your savings and report results. The Cass system tracks credits and refunds as well as ongoing savings.

Read the Case Studies

Read about the business results others have achieved. View our telecom expense management case studies. Or to discuss your particular organization and the ROI potential for your TEM project, contact Cass for an appointment. 

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