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Managing the many facets of your communications infrastructure is no small task. To help you stay on top of your game, our experts have created the following resources showcasing best practices in telecom expense management, mobility & BYOD management.

Gartner Report Telecom Mobility Expense Management 2018

The 2018 Gartner Market Guide for TEM [white paper]

Done See Gartner's review of 15 leading TEM providers. Topics covered include services offered, geographies served, typical customer size and company history, size and ownership.

             telecom expense management vendor selection

Choosing a New TEM Provider? [white paper]

Most enterprises today—for any number of reasons—want more from their TEM provider. Before you migrate to a new provider, read the guide that will help you make a lasting choice.

 BYOD stipend management

The Enterprise Guide to BYOD Stipends [eBook]

See the advantages of paying BYOD stipends, plus many tips on doing it right. This paper addresses legal, administrative, tax, cost management and other important concerns.

       BYOD legal issues

Essential Legal Considerations for BYOD [eBook]

BYOD programs bring about a number of legal concerns. By reviewing several court cases, employers can learn how to deploy a strong program while minimizing risks.

telecom inventory management

The Five Myths of Telecom Inventory Management [white paper] 

Learn why you may be wasting precious resources managing telecom inventory inefficiently. See 5 common misconceptions and better methods for accomplishing your goals.

       BYOD Policy

The 8-Point Policy Checklist for BYOD [eBook]

Has your mobile policy struggled to keep up with the influx of BYOD? This 8-point checklist goes beyond legal and security concerns and will help you cover all the bases.

mistakes in telecom expense management

The Seven Most Common Mistakes in TEM [white paper]

Done right, your TEM program should greatly simplify operations and pay for itself many times over. Learn TEM best practices and how to avoid common implementation mistakes. 

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