If you're involved in managing telecom or BYOD expenses, these short videos can provide new insights into how to solve the unique challenges you face. See how Cass can reduce your costs and streamline processes.


How to Get the Telecom Savings You Negotiated


How to Make BYOD a Success Story for HR

telecom contract procurement payment

You work hard to negotiate telecom contracts. The next step is to ensure you actually pay the rates you negotiated. See how to pay what you should—not necessarily what you're billed.

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       BYOD Human Resources

HR executives - learn the risks and rewards of BYOD. Plus, see a new way to reimburse employees for BYOD, so that payroll stipends and expense reports become things of the past. 

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BYOD Reimbursement: See the Better Way to Pay

better way to pay for BYOD

Reimbursing for BYOD via expense reports or payroll stipends is not only inefficient, it also lacks controls and visibility and contains risks your may not have thought of. See why direct-to-carrier payments solves these problems. 

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