BYOD Reimbursement: HOW you pay matters. 

If you're involved in managing a BYOD program, you'll want to see the new and better way to reimburse your employees: direct-to-carrier payments. Everyone from IT to HR to your employees can benefit. See why:

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Video Recap: Better BYOD Reimbursement

More than half of IT managers say they want a better way to manage BYOD. Don’t worry. Help has arrived! 

A big problem with BYOD is reimbursement. Most companies pay BYOD stipends. In California, it’s the law: employers must compensate employees who are required to use their personal devices. But how you pay matters. Expense reports are costly and a burden on employees. Payroll stipends have drawbacks, including potential compliance and tax issues. 

So what’s the better way to pay? Meet Cass Direct2Carrier Payments™. 

The Cass solution connects to other systems so it’s always up to date. Each month, your company makes one payment to Cass. Then Cass uses its global, electronic payment network to send payments directly to the carriers. The employee’s bill gets credited, and now he just pays the rest. Employees may be paid different amounts depending upon their job.

It’s the easiest way to pay, and employees love it. It also works around the world.


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