Gartner's View of the Cass BYOD Solution

BYOD - Gartner calls Cass BYOD Solution 'Turnkey'

What is Gartner's view of the Cass BYOD solution?  About half of organizations that have a formal BYOD program compensate their employees in some way using stipends, reimbursements or allowances (SRAs). According to Gartner, "Handling the payment of subsidies for qualified participants has proved to be one of the most problematic aspects of BYOD mobile programs." While most companies use expense reports or payroll stipends to reimburse employees for BYOD, both of these methods have drawbacks. Expense reports are an administrative burden to the employee and an added business cost for the employer. Payroll stipends can have tax consequences for both the employer and employee.  

That's why the best practice solution is direct-to-carrier payments, whereby the employer reimburses by providing funds to the wireless carrier, which then applies a credit to the employee's account.  When the employee's bill arrives, the employee pays the amount owed, less the credit amount that was funded by the employer.  The direct-to-carrier payment model is the hallmark of the Cass BYOD solution.

BYOD payments

Gartner also noted the integration capabilities of The Cass BYOD solution. The Cass system integrates with existing enterprise systems, including major enterprise mobility management solutions (EMM), HRIS and ERP solutions. Such integrations enable a truly turnkey BYOD system that automates BYOD registration, policy acceptance, verification of user eligibility for stipend amounts, cost-center association and EMM/MDM software installation.

Organizations such as Nationwide Insurance and Michelin use Cass to power their large-scale, effective BYOD initiatives.

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