BYOD Stipend Management

If you're in charge of BYOD at a large enterprise, you have a lot to manage. You must create an enforceable employee policy; ensure that employees read and agree to the policy; reimburse employees as outlined in the policy; and have an efficient way of accounting for terminated employees and new hires. As though this isn't enough, you are also concerned with security matters. In short, BYOD is a lot to manage.

BYOD Stipend

Simplify BYOD Management - including Stipend Management

Most large enterprises will segment their BYOD employee population into role-based tiers - characterized by network access privileges and dollar amount of reimbursement. Organizations with thousands of employees might have more than a dozen unique tiers, with reimbursement levels typically ranging from $0 to around $80. No matter the level of complexity, Cass brings simplicity to your BYOD program.

Cass provides a direct-to-carrier payment platform that replaces BYOD stipends through payroll or BYOD reimbursements via expense reports. That means that the employee's monthly invoice from the carrier that shows a credit to the account - the amount the employer has agreed to reimburse the employee for company-related use. So if the employer reimburses $50 per month, the employee pays the net invoice amount, which reflects a $50 credit. The Cass solution maintains data on employee-owned wireless accounts and each employee’s associated approved amount for employer reimbursement.


With the Cass solution, processes are streamlined. Because employees don't receive funds from the employer, they don’t need to complete expense reports. Payments to the carriers are made electronically, using the employer’s general ledger accounting rules for automated cost allocations.

Additionally, controls are strengthened through expanded visibility; all telecom data is in one central repository. Employee-level expense and inventory data for employee-owned devices is maintained in the same platform that manages your corporate-liable wireless expenses. This gives you maximum visibility into your BYOD program as well as an integrated source of data for all of the company’s mobility expenses.

Other BYOD programs are labor-intensive and management-resistant. Visibility to expense data is limited, and therefore costs are hard to manage. Our award-winning solution solves these problems and more.

byod stipend management

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