Enterprise Telecommunications Cost Management: Achieve Savings, Process Improvement & Control

Cass is a leading provider of telecommunications cost management services that produce well-documented savings. Cass facilitates a closed-loop process that links your telecom contracts back to invoice approval and your payment.

Would you like to eliminate or reduce paper invoices to increase audit and processing efficiencies? Would you like to ensure that your telecom invoices are audited every month rather than periodically? Would you like line-item charges to be audited? Would you like a team of professionals to manage these billing disputes with carriers and recover overcharges on your behalf and track your savings? Would you like complete visibility to all your telecom costs - for both fixed and wireless? And would you like someone to manage usage to be sure your users were on rate plans optimized for their individual usage patterns? These are the benefits of working with Cass.

For telecom cost management efforts to be truly effective, an enterprise must adopt an interconnected system to unify otherwise disparate activities for managing its telecom services and expenses. Only when a single telecom management solution is in place – allowing sourcing activities, contract management, invoice audits and inventory management to happen in an integrated fashion – can you achieve your business goals of superior process management.

Cass provides best-practice telecom cost management through a managed service offering grounded by its industry-leading TEM platform – one that combines telecom cost management for both fixed and wireless costs in one solution:

  • Telecom sourcing
  • Fixed and mobile device provisioning
  • Telecom inventory management
  • Telecom invoice management
  • Usage management and optimization
  • Telecom audit
  • Business intelligence

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