Top-Rated Telecom Service Management

Cass is regularly cited for providing superior return on investment and client success in telecom service management, enterprise mobility management and BYOD. Most recently, Cass was awarded AOTMP's 2017 “Best Customer Success Program” at the 11th Annual AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference, where Cass was recognized as the telecom management service provider that has delivered the best value and customer experience program.  

Delivering Telecom Service Management Success

Our approach to ensuring client success is based on accountability and high expectations. Cass provides: 

  • Named support team for every client. You work with the same people day in and day out. 

  • Monthly meetings with each client to review the status of current initiatives, savings, optimization opportunities and more 

  • Online dashboard shows savings achieved and other performance metrics

You Work with a Dedicated, Managed Service Team

The best approach to solid customer service starts with having a named account team that will act as 'your telecom group down the hall.' Your telecom managed service team at Cass will know you by name and understand your infrastructure, and accounting rules. Most importantly, they will understand your goals in telecom expense management and know implicitly that they are accountable to you. Monthly meetings to review status of current initiatives, savings, optimization opportunities and more will support a continually successful program as well as open lines of communication.

Many TEM providers began in the software space and have developed a managed services offering in recent years due to client demand. At Cass, our roots are in technology-enabled managed services. This means we have a deep understanding of the more sophisticated elements of TEM - areas such as change management, complex G/L accounting, payment and dispute management, provisioning support and much more. Our clients trust in this expertise and in our approach to support services that our business was built around.

We Manage the Workload, Including Data Entry 

Many software engagements don't achieve success because other priorities happen and the software doesn't get fully configured, the right data doesn't get fully loaded into the system, or reporting modules never get optimally configured due to resources that may get pulled away from the project. At Cass, we don't look at your engagement as another software deployment. We're delivering a complete service that starts with achieving excellence in program deployment. We make sure your data is loaded and you have the visibility you need. With our team handling so much of the workload, your team will boost productivity by focusing on its core missions.

Account support functions, supported by our technology platform, including the following: 

  • Wireless Optimization 
  • Change Management Support 
  • Dispute Management 
  • Management of Cost Allocation Rules 
  • Payment Support 
  • Wireless Help Desk Services

When choosing a TEM provider, do not underestimate the positive impact of responsive customer service. Having a responsive, proactive account team will keep your process tightly-controlled, savings at the highest level, and change management under control.

What Our Clients Say About Cass Telecom Managed Services