Choosing Cass Managed Services for Telecom & Mobility Management

Over the last several years, the telecom expense management sector has experienced a strong shift away from purchased software and towards managed services/BPO solutions. The reason is fairly simple: strategically thinking organizations know that it makes good business sense to push administrative processes out of their own hands and seek increased expertise.

As a managed services provider, Cass delivers: 

  • Solutions for TEM, mobility and BYOD
  • Average implementation of 71 days
  • Named account teams with clear client responsibilities

Telecom Managed Services provided include:

  • Invoice receipt, processing and payment 
  • Inventory management
  • Day-to-day vendor management 
  • Change management 
  • Credits, refunds and payment management 
  • Management of EDI invoicing relationships 
  • Provisioning and catalog maintenance 
  • Cost allocation management 
  • Mobile plan optimization analysis & execution
  • Help desk

An organization entering an outsourcing relationship places a high level of trust in its new provider. In addition to our top-rated client satisfaction levels, organizations also choose Cass because they trust us as a sound business partner.

Why organizations trust Cass: 

  • Publicly held corporation with consistent sales and profit growth
  • 100+ years of continuous operations 
  • 50+ years in expense management and payables processing 
  • Disburse more than $50 billion annually in secure payments 
  • Financial holding company provides sophisticated funds management and funds security 
  • Well capitalized, with assets exceeding $1.5 billion   
  • Invoice and funds management compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and SOC 1 Type 2 (formerly SSAE 16 Type II) audit controls 
  • Corporate governance systems and processes meet or exceed requirements of the Federal Reserve and SEC

Gartner 2018 Telecom Expense Management Report