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Welcome to Cass. We are equipped, trained, staffed and exceedingly prepared to provide an exceptional experience for managing your telecom infrastructure and expenses. Just because it may have taken a regrettably long time to implement your current telecom expense management (TEM) solution doesn’t mean it will take long to switch. The key is finding the right partner!

Swift Implementation a proven system, the CassBridge migration process has helped many unhappy organizations move away from the “leading” TEM providers in as little as 42 days. Our average new client implementation is 71 days.

Minimal Effort – The CassBridge migration process minimizes the amount of time and level of effort required by your staff. In most cases, we require less than one day per week from the client’s team.

Fast Results – Over the last five years, 50+ clients have switched to Cass – allowing us to hone and refine the CassBridge migration process.

Cass Builds Lasting Partnerships

Cass clients include Avery Dennison, Clorox, Cumulus Media, International Paper, Kohls, Limited Brands, Michelin, Nationwide Insurance, Sonoco, Staples and many others. Once a client moves to Cass, the lasting partnership begins. In the previous five years, only three customers switched from Cass to a different provider. That’s a switch rate of less than one per year! However, over the same period, Cass has welcomed dozens of switchers. Whether you’re changing from a "Do-It-All-Yourself-In-House" method or whether you're currently under contract with a “leading” TEM provider, you should talk to Cass and our current clients to find out how we're different.


Cass Delivers Managed Services

At Cass, your organization's success doesn't depend on how well your staff can decipher a telecom invoice or use our TEM software. We offer more than just the software tools. We provide a managed service, so your staff actually gets backup and resources. Cass provides:

  • Solutions for TEM, mobility and BYOD
  • Named account teams with clear client responsibilities
  • Accountability – Publicly traded, Cass also operates a Federal Reserve Member Bank, so our financials are regularly audited by bank examiners and other third parties.
  • ExpenseSmart management portal – Since Cass does the work, you don't have to become an expert in using our TEM software tools. With that said, we do offer complete transparency to the process. And you'll have access to all the visibility you need. ExpenseSmart lets you track savings; access reports by carrier, department or cost center level; view trends; or even drill down to look at data on individual lines of service.

Cass Services Include:

  • Invoice receipt and processing
  • Payment services including credits, refunds & dispute management
  • Inventory management  we will get your inventory into our system
  • Mobile plan optimization analysis & execution
  • Day-to-day vendor management
  • Change management
  • Management of EDI invoicing relationships
  • Provisioning and catalog maintenance
  • Cost allocation management
  • Help desk

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