Process Improvement in Freight Payment

Gain Process Improvements in Freight Payment and Other Transportation Activities

Implementing a freight audit & payment solution is a significant process improvement initiative. Initial, sustained and ongoing improvements are profound for transportation and accounting, and are also typically felt by other stakeholders, such as procurement, finance/treasury, and information technology.

Unique Cass processes are seen industry-wide as best practice. Quality procedures and tight controls result in the most efficient payment process as well as the data necessary for continued improvement to both the payment process and other transportation activities.

Cass works closely with our clients to define and document practices, methods and operating policies to ensure practices that are repeatable and methodical. We use KPIs to judge our efficiency, accuracy and ongoing improvement. Process improvements to the payment process involve such KPIs as EDI invoice percentage, rating success, and exceptions. Customer-defined improvement initiatives also become priorities and are led by a client’s account manager and supported by a team trained on the client’s unique system and requirements.

Good data is a derivative of good processes. Because we employ quality practices in every aspect of what we do – rating, data receipt, data integration and normalization, invoice audit, analytics and more – the result is a highly valuable and detailed business intelligence engine that enables informed decisions – and thus, process improvement in other transportation activities. These result in hard and soft dollar savings, as well as improved service to your internal customers within your organization.

For a description of successful process improvement projects completed by Cass clients such as Unilever and Toyota, please read the case studies.


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