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Customer-Specific Freight Audit Solutions

Freight audits are an integral part of managing supply chain costs. Annual freight costs for a typical Cass client range anywhere from several million to hundreds of millions of dollars. So for many shippers, freight audit savings of just one-half percent per year can generate six figure savings. In addition to multi-million-dollar freight costs, complex contract terms and frequency of billing errors also factor into the importance of freight invoice audits.

Freight Audits Enable Contract Compliance

A best-practice freight audit provides a closed-loop process to ensure contract compliance. In other words, the freight invoice audit process should ensure that your freight invoices are paid exactly as prescribed by your supplier contracts. You should pay no more or no less than the agreed upon amounts.

Freight contracts can be exceedingly complex. Likewise, freight invoices – accompanied by numerous types of required supporting documents – reflect exceedingly detailed transactions to audit. The most thorough and productive audits are accomplished systematically; software with sophisticated logic “examines” each transaction against a long checklist of possible errors. The freight audit system kicks out exceptions to trained freight audit professionals.

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Highly Automated, Highly Configurable Cass Freight Audit System

The ultimate goal is to accurately rate and audit your freight invoices with minimum manual intervention.

Cass clients benefit from a highly automated freight audit system with proprietary Cass software as its engine. Most importantly, the system can be modified to accommodate each client’s precise business rules. After the system goes live, and as the organization experiences various changes in its business, the Cass freight audit system can also be modified.

Most Cass customers require advanced audit capabilities, such as accurate handling of: pool shipments, stop-offs, milk runs, intermodal shipments, Rule 11, white glove service, spot quotes, and a variety of industry-specific movement types.

The Cass freight audit system uses sophisticated logic to detect duplicates and other suspect invoices. Many audit systems only compare two or three fields to detect duplicate invoices. But truly effective duplicate protection requires more checks. Our methods examine invoice number, Bill of Lading number, PO number, type of invoice (line-haul vs. balance due vs. separately billed accessorials), shipment date, and type of charge (service, accessorial, etc.).

Auditing Spot Quote Invoices

Historically, it is very difficult for shippers to audit and monitor their spot quote activity. Since these ad hoc shipments are outside normal processes for our clients, they are rarely well-organized or monitored.

Cass provides an easy-to-use Web interface to help you manage spot quotes. In addition to providing a current and historical database and management tool for you, our spot quote system also enables systematic audits for these invoices.

Freight Audit and Payment Best Practices

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