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Managing your transportation expense is no small task. To help you stay on top of your game or assist in the selection of your next freight payment provider, our experts have created the following resources.

best practices freight payment

See 6 Keys for Achieving a Smooth Process & Reliable Results

Benchmark your payment processes against best practices, and learn how to take steps today to tighten controls and increase both the accuracy and depth of your cost and shipment data.

             tms freight payment

Considering your TMS for Invoice Audits? Read this First

While a TMS is great at planning, optimizing routes, selecting carriers and tendering, this in-depth paper explains 10 reasons shippers aren’t using their TMS for freight payment.

Dangers in freight payment

See the 5 Areas Where Outsourced Processes Perform Better 

Sixty percent of large shippers control costs by outsourcing freight audit & payment. Learn five areas in which the outsourced model delivers better results.

       parcel invoice audit white paper

Are You a Best Practice in Parcel Audit & Payment? Find Out.

Benchmark yourself against the best. Following the guidelines listed here will ensure that high-volume parcel shippers have maximum control over this expense category.

freight payment data

Evaluate the Data from Your Payment Solution

Typically, the most valuable and trusted source of transportation data is derived from the freight payment process. Evaluate the quality and depth of your data against best practices.

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