Optimize the Value of Your Logistics Data

Transportation data used in supply chain analysis typically includes product volumes, lanes, cost per shipment and much more. Often, your freight audit and payment system is your only source of consolidated shipping and freight expense data – for domestic & international; inbound and outbound; all modes, etc.

Cass turns large amounts of logistics data into valuable business intelligence that enables critical expense management initiatives and more informed decisions. Our analytics solution, CassPort®, organizes data into a hierarchical OLAP (On-Line Analytic Processing) structure. The cube structure allows you to view data from multiple dimensions or perspectives. For example, you might want to view spend by product category, by location and mode. You can sort and filter the freight data to look for interesting patterns and trends. Such flexibility is the reason CassPort® is frequently cited as the industry’s most powerful BI engine. It’s more detailed, more user friendly and more robust than any other.

Logistics data

The data provided in CassPort includes:

  • Expense detail down to the accessorial level
  • Freight invoice and document images, including EDI templates
  • Shipment details (origin, destination, mode, weight, SKU, stop-off location, etc.)
  • Cost allocation detail for each move
  • Payment details (including ACH/check number, adjustment amount and reason, scheduled payments, etc.)

CassPort gives shippers one authoritative source of accurate spend and related data. Slice and dice the details any way you like.

How Can You Use Your Freight Data?

Once you have visibility to reliable transportation data, you can

  • Prepare for contract negotiations 
  • Reduce accessorial expenses
  • Reduce or eliminate rogue spending
  • Determine landed costs
  • Feed upstream supply chain and financial analysis
  • Improve control of inbound spend
  • Aid in location analysis
  • Understand each component of your transportation spend 
  • Improve capacity planning

With this much power, CassPort® will play a critical role in managing your transportation spend. 

See How These Shippers Leverage Their Freight Data

Cass clients include Dole, DuPont, Emerson, Ford Motor Company, Hershey, Toyota and many others. See what our clients say about how they leverage data assets generated through the Cass freight audit and payment service. Or contact contact Cass for more information today.

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