Transportation Procurement Services

Complete procurement services for complex networks and large carrier bases

Conducting a transportation procurement event every 12-24 months is a best practice for any organization that spends millions on freight each year. But, it is a challenging undertaking. A transportation procurement event is labor-intensive, requiring a resource commitment that is rarely available. And, it requires advanced analytical and transportation procurement expertise, the lack of which even the most sophisticated software doesn't make up for. Every procurement event is unique and requires extensive planning, customized analysis and the management of an experience logistics practitioner.

Sidestep those obstacles by engaging the logistics experts at Cass. We will manage your bid project from start to finish, delivering impressive results while shortening the procurement cycle by leveraging Cass’ proven technology, industry data and extensive expertise in transportation bid management.

Transportation Procurement Consulting

Results-Focused Transportation Procurement

The logistics procurement experts at Cass deliver results, such as: 

  • Competitive rates 
  • Price transparency (clearly delineated cost components)
  • Cost controls (defined pricing structure, contract compliance mechanisms)
  • Standardized, auditable contracts 
  • Optimized carrier base

We emphasize enhanced data management controls through each phase of the RFP process. For example, we leverage our expertise in auditing freight contracts to ensure that your new contracts are well constructed, allowing you to optimally automate freight rating. We also make sure that contracts leave no room for misinterpretation. After all, competitive rates have no value if they can’t be systematically enforced because of ambiguous contract language.

In addition, we can help you re-evaluate procurement requirements that may unintentionally introduce constraints on carrier selection. Cass’ transportation procurement experts provide the ‘extra set of eyes’ to make sure you’re getting the best carrier pricing in a sustainable model for both you and your carriers.

By applying our expertise throughout each phase of the project, we deliver standardized, enforceable contracts, extensive rate coverage, price transparency, and a centralized procurement model.

Why Cass for Transportation Procurement?

Cass provides a complete service for transportation procurement events – for any or all modes. Rather than deliver software and wish you the best, we deliver an end-to-end, complete managed service. We manage the project during every step, from requirements gathering to contract execution and beyond, communicating and collaborating with you every step of the way.

  • Practitioner-based expertise
  • Leading transportation analytics tools to optimize the selection process 
  • Cass BidManager™ portal for carriers to streamline the bid management process 
  • Strong analytics competency 
  • Direct insight into the best practices of hundreds of shippers (our client base) 
  • On-staff rating and contract experts 
  • Focus on communication and collaboration with client and carriers 
  • Disciplined, proven methodology

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