Utility Cost Management

Cass is the leading back-office provider of utility cost management, with nearly $13 billion in managed utility and other facilities-related spend for more than 600,000 sites in North America. In order to manage utility costs, it’s important to

  • Collect accurate data from invoices

  • Process and pay invoices promptly to minimize late fees and shut-offs

  • Analyze trends in energy usage

  • Closely monitor the success of demand management (energy conservation) programs

Cass teams with many leading energy management consulting firms to provide reliable utility bill payment services for all facilities-related invoices, including those for electric, gas, propane, water and other services.

For businesses that manage multiple sites, paying facility-related invoices promptly and accurately can be a daunting task, with little forgiveness when payments arrive late. Additionally, the main goal is not just to get the payments out the door, but to gain visibility and control of overall energy costs. That’s why data capture, speed and accuracy are at the forefront of the Cass utility bill payment system. Cass systematically manages invoices on a proactive basis. More than two dozen employees are dedicated to vendor relations, constantly on the lookout for potential missing bills, negotiating late fee waivers, and establishing new electronic partnerships for bill receipt and/or payment. Thanks to a 24/7 operation, bill turnaround time averages less than one business day.

ExpenseSmart is the Cass Web portal that provides business intelligence and analytic tools that help organizations visualize their energy usage.

Find out why organizations outsource utility cost management and choose Cass.

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