The ExpenseSmart Difference

Premier Energy Reporting

ExpenseSmart®, Cass’ industry-leading business intelligence platform for utility and other facility-related expenses, provides the information companies need to manage usage, expense, budgets, sustainability, and all the other risks posed by a complicated utility environment.

The data provided in ExpenseSmart includes:

  • Cost and consumption data by facility, vendor, utility type and more
  • Financial reporting
  • Image-based exception handling (workflow)
  • Trend analysis
  • Ad-Hoc tools
  • Greenhouse gas / carbon accounting
  • Normalized consumption, with user defined KPIs

Specific modules help you measure your environmental impact, track your unique KPIs and build the reports that matter most to you:

eCO2Trak™ - This module is a comprehensive greenhouse gas reporting engine based on emissions data derived from key utility bills such as electricity, gas, fuel oils, steam, etc.

StaTrak™ - This sophisticated tool allows organizations to enter/upload their own, user-defined, key performance indicators (KPIs), creating rich, custom context to use in analyzing the data at all levels of the portfolio (enterprise to site). For example, an industrial customer can track performance based on its own production hours.

ReporTrak™ - The leading custom report-building tool in the utility expense management arena, ReporTrak allows users quick, easy report construction, refinement and delivery. This tool provides the ultimate “normalization” of diverse utility data – across vendors, bills and service types.

Would you like to improve your visibility to your energy costs? Are you involved in a carbon accounting project now and need help? Are you simply trying to measure the performance of your cost-cutting, energy conservation efforts? Cass can help. Contact us today.