The Case for Outsourcing Utility Bill Payment

Outsourcing your business process for managing utility bill payment and other facility-related expenses aligns with most CXO’s key objectives:

   1. Control general & administrative (G&A) costs  
   2. Increase focus on critical activities by decreasing focus on non-core tasks
   3. Achieve world-class results without commensurate investment

Energy Cost Control

Many executives recognize that they under-manage their back-offices - which is one of the reasons that the business process outsourcing (BPO) market is growing.

In other words, in-house operations aren’t as likely to be accountable for the same SLAs or held to the same standards for data quality, reporting and KPI achievement as an outside service provider. Many companies that haven’t outsourced utility bill payment struggle to accurately calculate their internal costs for invoice processing. Most organizations can’t calculate what they pay in late fees. Organizations that boast low costs for in-house invoice processing typically cannot produce sophisticated reporting and analysis of their energy spend, which devalues the perceived “savings” of their low internal processing costs. In today’s high-cost energy environment in which corporations are examining consumption patterns and working to reduce carbon emissions, few enterprises have the internal systems to capture, validate and report on key energy usage statistics.

Outsourcing your process for utility bill payment based on a thorough and competitive supplier search ensures that you are paying market rates for utility invoice processing. By staying in-house, you could easily be overpaying for an inadequate level of service and suffering the unmanaged consequences of inefficiencies – including compromised data for decision-making, increased late payments, and service interruption dues due to inevitable missed postal deliveries.

Focus on Core Competencies

Think about what your company does best as a retailer, a law firm, a healthcare provider or a manufacturer. Chances are, back-office invoice processing and energy data management are probably not your core competencies. Sure, you have back-office processes, and your organization manages data, but can you really afford to divert too many resources to this area (in order to do the job well) or suffer the consequences of not understanding your energy usage? Outsourcing allows you to hold utility bill payment experts accountable, without losing focus.

World-Class Results in Utility Expense Management

When it comes to competing for capital projects, it is likely that investments in mailroom and financial systems take a backseat to investments in your core business. However, Cass core business is data processing, so it is constantly upgrading its processes to drive back-office efficiencies. Outsourcing allows you to reap the benefits of world-class leadership without the full price tag because Cass’ investments amortized over the largest portfolio of end-users in the space. So specific investments in our processes, people and in imaging, optical character reader (OCR), data mining, custom software and other technologies deployed specifically for utility expense management are affordable and prudent for Cass, even though out of reach for most of our customers.

Using Cass as Your Business Process Outsourcer

Contact us for more information about relying on Cass as your business process outsourcer. Cass can be an important resource to you in managing your energy costs as well as other facility-related expenses. Cass can also provide services in telecom expense managementfreight payment and waste program management