Proactive Utility Vendor Management

As a business processor managing more than 50,000 facilities-related invoices per day from more than 20,000 utility companies and other vendors, Cass maintains an average utility invoice processing time of less than one business day – the fastest processing speed in the utility bill payment industry. To achieve such processing speed, Cass has developed proactive vendor management processes. Processing speed and accuracy combats the occurrence of both late fees and utility service disruption due to late arriving payments.

Cass’ predictive invoice tracking system alerts Cass about expected utility invoices that are late or missing. This allows Cass to proactively contact the utility about the missing invoice. Additionally, Cass offers its end-user clients a shut-off hotline so that they can alert Cass immediately if they have been warned of an imminent service disruption.

Proactive Utility Bill Payment

Cass is all about pro-activity. A dedicated EDI (electronic data interchange) team is constantly fostering new electronic partnerships and making sure existing invoice mapping remains accurate. Cass can work with 810 ANSI files, or structured XML data as well. Cass makes more than $50 billion a year in vendor payments - most of this amount is paid electronically. As a financial holding company, Cass has great flexibility in ways to make an electronic payment. The result is faster, less error-prone payment, reducing the opportunity for errors in how payments are applied and reducing the supplier’s processing workload.

In situations where invoices are still received via U.S. mail, Cass doesn’t even wait for the postal carrier. Cass has post office boxes set up at the airport nearest its processing facility so that Cass can pick up its own mail, ensuring delivery at least one business prior to regular street delivery. From start to finish, Cass proactively manages all aspects of the process.