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See how to reduce & control your waste expenses.

If you lost a diamond ring, tickets to the Super Bowl, or your kid's $500 retainer, would you dive into the trash to save them?

What about your business? How much would it take to get you to dive into the trash? Or, what if you didn't have to? What if you could increase your profits by getting some help from waste expense experts?
Cass has a team of experts that help you reduce your waste costs. When you’re a Cass client, you benefit from our
-- Cost Control Systems
-- ExpenseSmart Management Portal, &
-- Knowledge-based Procurement

We work with more than 100 waste hauling and recycling vendors. So we have rich data assets and we know market rates. 

How do we manage all this data? The answer is WasteVision. WasteVision is a technology platform we built for internal use. It's the tool we rely on to get results.

We use WasteVision to audit your invoices, where we find errors and resolve them - so you never overpay for services.

ExpenseSmart is your online portal that you'll use to track your spending. When you want to track your expenses, you'll log into ExpenseSmart. It's easy to see what you're saving from audit results, service plan optimizations, and newly negotiated rate reductions. ExpenseSmart provides business intelligence and analytic tools. You can easily track your waste costs by location, region or supplier. You can also use service summaries and financial reports.

Cass puts you in control of your waste hauling costs.

But cost savings isn't the only reason companies choose Cass. It's also because of the white glove service we provide. Your staff simply calls the Cass help desk when they have a service need. We do all the rest. 

Knowledge-based procurement. Cost control systems. ExpenseSmart management portal. Full customer service. 

You get it all from Cass. And you don't have to dig through your trash. Rely on Cass - we'll handle the dirty work. 


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