Case Studies in Waste Expense Management with Cass

McDonald's franchisee Gilchrist Enterprises

With our help, this Florida-based McDonald's franchisee reduced its waste costs by 23%. Read the case study >

Milestone Management

See how Milestone Management, with 130 multifamily properties, achieved recurrent annual savings of $665,000. Read the case study >

Nexion Health

Nexion Health is a skilled nursing provider with 40 locations. See how Nexion realized $268,000 in savings through invoice audits and contract renegotiations. Read the case study >

Asset Campus Housing (Student Housing)

Managing housing for 60,000 students across the country, Asset Campus Housing made waste contract management easier while saving more than $300,000 per year. Read the case study >

Program Implementation: Trillium Healthcare

See how easy it is to implement the Cass waste expense management program, in the words of Trillium Healthcare. Read the case study >