Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we benefit from your solution in cities where waste removal vendors are designated by the municipality?

A: Absolutely. Even where service rates are non-negotiable due to a blanket service contract (a.k.a. franchise agreement), managing efficient, accurate waste service plans should remain a top priority. Through our service analysis, invoice auditing and one-stop support, we deliver expense control and expense reductions. We've also found franchise markets to carry some of the highest billing error rates.

Q: We have a national waste contract with deeply discounted rates. Is there still value in working with Cass?

Absolutely. The truth is that national programs are rarely as cost-advantageous as they appear. Cass leverages market-specific cost knowledge, large scale buying power and complete alignment with your business goals to maximize cost savings for you. Read here to learn more.

Q: We just signed new waste hauling contracts. Is there any reason to engage Cass at this time?

A: Definitely. Because we manage trash services for thousands of locations, it is rare for a waste hauler not to work with us to negotiate a contract during its term. We promote long-term, value-based relationships with hauling vendors that mean far more to them than the finite term of a few service contracts.

Q: Does Cass profit by recommending specific waste removal vendors or vendor services?

A: No. We only work for you. Maintaining an unbiased position means we evaluate, implement and manage the best options to meet your needs. We are able to leverage huge discounts for our clients, but we have no compensatory relationships with equipment providers. We earn our compensation by saving you time and money.

Q: Why do clients call Cass for all service requests instead of calling waste haulers directly?

A: When we place your service requests for you, three things happen:

  • We can verify the accuracy of your invoice. Having the details of all special requests logged in our system allows for a closed-loop process to manage the expense. 
  • You save time. Our team is dedicated to saving you time dealing with trash expenses. Calling us directly means a faster response to your requests. We will work for you to ensure all requests are handled satisfactorily by the hauler. 
  •  You save money. By letting us manage your requests, we ensure you receive the right service option to efficiently meet your needs. And, you can often take advantage of our volume rates for temporary waste services (ex: roll-off containers).

Q: Why does Cass receive our waste invoices?

A: We audit your invoices every month with fine precision to protect you from incorrect charges. Unfortunately, the waste industry is known for making frequent and costly billing errors that are often very difficult to detect. Our waste auditing technology and experts efficiently audit your invoices and work with waste vendors to secure credits.

Q: What are the resource requirements to implement your service? Our contracts are unorganized and our staff is busy.

A: Implementation is easier than you’d think. We’ve developed a streamlined process, wherein we manage the details, so you stay focused on you core business. You simply provide us recent invoices, service contracts and some basic site information. We guide the process from there, actually giving you and your site staff more time and fewer waste headaches in addition to cost savings.