Waste Management for Commercial Properties

Commercial property managers partner with Cass for two reasons:

  1. Reduce and tightly control waste expenses 
  2. Offload waste vendor management

Cass manages hundreds of millions of dollars in waste and recycling spend for both regional and national companies throughout the United States. While most commercial properties are experiencing steep growth in waste costs and poor expense visibility, our clients are averaging over 20% savings.

Managing expenses requires details. When you consider your waste removal expenses, you probably have little to no information about your costs or usage, except at a summary level. Most companies cannot answer these basic questions: 

  • What services are we paying for? 
  • Are we paying the right amount? 
  • What is our usage? Are we over-serviced? 
  • How do our costs break down by line item? 
  • How do our costs compare to market rates and like companies?

This lack of transparency is by design. The less information you are given, the less power you have to control and reduce your costs. Waste invoices don’t tell you how many cubic yards or tons of waste are being picked up, so you can’t determine if you are being over-serviced. They don’t itemize your costs, making it impossible to know what you are paying for each service and if you’re paying the right amount.

Cass shifts the power from the waste hauler to you. Stated simply, we do this by (1) extracting and aggregating data about your costs and services from your contacts and invoices, thus enabling detailed visibility into expense details, and (2) leveraging our geographically-specific knowledge of market rates as well as buying power with national and regional waste haulers. With these advantages, we renegotiate contracts and optimize your service plans to drive immediate and sustained savings.

Working with Cass, you will offload day-to-day management of your waste removal needs. Think of us as your full-time waste management department. Using the centralized support that Cass provides, your property managers will have one number to call for all waste-related needs.

Our complete lifecycle solution for managing waste and recycling includes:

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