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Retailers face unique challenges when it comes to managing waste and recycling. If you have many locations, then it is likely that many people are involved in managing contracts, invoices, service requests and the like. You have contracts with many waste haulers, but no standard fee structure. And most importantly, because waste invoices are scarce on details, there is no real visibility to the expense - at either the store or corporate level. This leaves you with no data or leverage to get costs under control (or find ways to reduce them). Meanwhile, the vendors continue to send price increases your way.

This is where Cass comes in. We provide both the data and the leverage you need to reduce – and then control – your costs. We accomplish this by focusing on three main activities:

  1. Negotiate low service rates and complete fee structures – With a deep, geographically specific understanding of cost-of-service and market rates, we negotiate best-of-market rates and contracts for our clients. 
  2. Optimize waste service levels – Cass maintains accurate data on the waste volume generated at each of your locations. Using this information, we can determine the right mix of equipment and service frequency for each of properties, helping your reduce costs with no degradation in service. 
  3. Recover over-charges – Our unique technology allows us to understand your invoices at the line item level. Using automation, we compare all invoice charges to contract terms and valid service requests to precisely and systematically audit every one of your waste and recycling invoices. When overcharges are found, we request refunds from your vendors or advise the correct amount to pay.

Working with Cass, you will offload day-to-day management of your waste removal needs. Think of us as your full-time waste management department. Using the centralized support that Cass provides, your store managers will have one number to call for all waste-related needs.

Our complete lifecycle solution for managing waste and recycling includes: 

Waste Service Optimization for Retail

Ensuring that your waste services are optimized – in other words, right-sizing them with the most cost-effective equipment and pick-up schedule – can make a big difference in your monthly operating costs. But left to your own devices, this is an extremely difficult task. Do you know what your usage is? How full are your dumpsters when they are emptied? Over the years, Cass has developed methods for answering these questions. By maintaining accurate data on the waste volume generated at each of your locations, we will make suggestions for equipment or scheduling changes that will reduce your costs, with no degradation in service levels.

The more you spend on waste and recycling services, the more opportunity you have to save.

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