Waste Services Lifecycle Management

Complete Lifecycle Management for Waste & Recycling

When Cass becomes your service partner, we take accountability to produce savings through continuous management of your waste program. We use a lifecycle process to achieve continuous results and maintain ongoing control.

    Waste lifecycle management

Analyze – Every location in our program undergoes a rigorous, ongoing analysis to ensure we gain absolute clarity on services, capitalize on cost savings, and maintain the highest service quality.

Optimize – Technology plays a big role in our success. WasteVision™ equips our waste experts with the real-time business intelligence and data control to see opportunities and execute on them for you.

Procure – Cass puts its volume purchasing power to work for its clients. We are well recognized within the industry as an educated buyer of waste services. Waste haulers and recyclers know that Cass analyzes enormous amounts of data to develop our understanding of the market. With our benchmark data, industry expertise and cost-of-service knowledge, we are able to negotiate best-of-market rates and contract terms.

Audit – Cass provides line-item auditing of your service invoices to catch illegitimate, “across the board” price increases, hidden fees, data entry errors and even phantom containers. Prompt error detection and correction are a primary means of controlling costs. Our solution protects your business from even the most subtle billing errors. Our system tracks extra and temporary service orders as well to ensure that you only pay the accurate amount for actual services rendered.

Payment – Payment services offered by Cass allow you to save on bank transaction fees and the cost of your AP team being involved in cutting checks. We offer a streamlined service that ensures that your bills are paid on time, which means you avoid late fees.

Report – Our reporting delivers a new level of transparency and detail. As most clients are aware, waste hauling company invoices are short on detail. However, using our knowledge of the industry and by distilling information from you, your waste hauling contracts, and your monthly invoices, we can provide an accurate, clearly organized picture of your: 

  • Aggregated & itemized service costs, such as base service charges, variable fuel charges, associated taxes and fees and equipment costs
  • Equipment in use and service schedules 
  • Waste volume and characterization
  • Recycling performance
  • Dollars saved

Data accuracy is paramount as we distill information and analyze your data to better understand your needs and pinpoint areas for improvement. Cass can also provide reports that capture total recycling tonnage and the percentage of total waste that has been diverted from the waste stream due to recycling.

The cycle is continuous: Each month a new set of invoices arrives, service volume fluctuates and locations are added and deleted. This means that the analysis begins again as we target continuous improvement.

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