Waste Cost Management

What does Cass do for its waste management clients?

Our clients think of us as a full-time 'department' inside their company specifically tasked with handling everything related to waste. We act on your behalf as a team that reports to you. More specifically, we enable you to:

  • Save Money. The No. 1 answer is that we save our clients money – durable savings. Cass is a high-volume buyer of waste services. We not only help you lower your waste costs today - by helping you obtain the best rates in every market - but we protect your organization from costs creeping back up above the market’s best rates. We also lower your internal administrative costs, produce savings from invoice audits, and employ optimization strategies to ensure that you’re always getting and paying for the right level of service.

  • Save Time. Managing waste removal and recycling services takes time. When you engage Cass, we become your waste management staff. We do the light, medium and heavy lifting. Cass will:
    • Negotiate service rates and favorable contract terms with waste haulers
    • Manage changes in services levels including new location additions or deletions
    • Vet your suppliers for quality and find reputable haulers to serve new markets
    • Use our technology to scrutinize invoices and identify billing errors
    • Manage all the data associated with your waste and recycling programs
    • Look for continuous improvement opportunities and execute strategies for waste cost containment
    • Report program key performance indicators (KPIs) so you visualize the complete picture - including what you’re paying Cass, what you’re paying the waste service providers, and what you are truly saving

  • Stay in Control. We provide both summary level and detailed reporting to make your role as the manager easy, liberating you from daily tasks and research. What’s more, our program is set up so that you or your designated staff can easily monitor the program, approve invoices and approve any recommendations for service changes.

  • Eliminate the Mystery. Waste management is not easy. Contracts can be heavy in detail, while most invoices are light on documentation. Few invoices show appropriate levels of line-item detail. So it takes a lot of detective work to understand how the invoice amount was calculated and tie service level back to invoice amount. Cass has the knowledge and technology tools to understand every cost component of your waste service. And, we continuously refine our reporting methods to help you visualize your program in the aggregate, as well as drill down into the specifics as desired.

  • Capitalize on viable “green” opportunities. Beneath the marketing cloud of ‘going green’ with waste lies a rugged terrain of real-world business challenges. Vendor service capabilities, geographic footprint, site-specific design limitations, education and cost-of-service are just a few common obstacles facing businesses looking to green their waste management programs. Cass’ LEED-accredited professionals and resources bring proven experience in service plan design and intimate knowledge of recycling markets, vendors, equipment and methods. Our experts will help you evaluate viable, business-practical green waste solutions to balance sustainability goals with responsible expense control.

For more information about Cass Waste Management Services, call us at 1-800-332-1554 or contact us online.

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