Waste Management Technology

Cass Puts Its WasteVision™ Technology to Work for You

The WasteVision platform manages all waste service data distilled from your waste hauler service contracts, your previous invoices and other inputs. A powerful business engine, WasteVision applies business rules to calculate an expected monthly invoice amount for each of your locations. This establishes an expectation baseline against which actual invoices can be compared. Cass auditors review the results to identify discrepancies and pinpoint billing errors.
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WasteVision also logically analyzes data across all Cass-managed locations and all service suppliers to enable comparative analysis of benchmark data. Optimization tools help Cass professionals execute cost-saving strategies.

The end result is that each and every invoice for your organization’s waste services is audited and all your services are analyzed for improvement opportunities. Our system captures the data and applies logic to help our team save you money.

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