Waste Program Implementation

Cass is accustomed to moving clients from their internal processes – which are often decentralized and documented only through vendor contracts – to a centrally managed, well-documented and optimized waste management program. It’s also very common for clients that have centralized their waste management with one or two suppliers to transition from a waste haulers’ national service program to Cass. In both situations, we use a very structured, seven-step process to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

Seven-Step, Structured Implementation Process Begins with Planned Communication

Clients can transition new sites to Cass all at once or in phased cycles. Because most large organizations have so many on-site managers involved in waste management, the team of stakeholders is usually large and geographically scattered.

The first step in the implementation process is communication and training. We communicate (via Web conference in many cases) with all the stakeholders and staff involved in waste management. Because we’ve repeated this process so often, our communications have been refined and tailored to meet the specific needs of your various stakeholders. During this step, your organization learns why the transition is happening, what will happen during the transition, and how it will benefit them. Most importantly, we lay the groundwork for an important working relationship and form a bond so that your internal stakeholders get “on board” early and quickly begin to view Cass as that all-important resource they can use for help with anything related to waste services.

Service Optimization Analysis Happens Early in the Transition

In the next phase, we clearly define information needs and create an easy-to-follow plan so that appropriate documentation is sent to Cass. After the initial information gathering is completed, Cass is able to start transitioning your waste haulers to begin sending invoices directly to us. This important transition means that we can capture even more data.

With all service information now in our system, our project managers analyze your current waste service plans to identify opportunities for optimizing pricing, service efficiencies and contract terms. At this point, we can begin auditing the current service invoices.

Clients See Initial Results in Two Billing Cycles or Less on Average

Within 60 days of signing a contract, Cass waste management clients are typically realizing savings. The burden of day-to-day management of waste and recycling is passed from your internal resources to Cass, and for most clients, “the fog gets lifted.” In other words, internal managers are actually spending less time managing waste, but have more understanding of their waste services and spend than ever before.

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