Waste Service Contract Negotiation

Cass Can Negotiate Your Contracts for Deeper Savings 

Every day, Cass puts its buying power to work for our clients. With hundreds of companies in our buying pool, we effectively work with carriers to negotiate better rates than our customers could negotiate for themselves. And it's not just rates. With a deep understanding of how waste service vendors structure their contracts, we insist on terms and conditions that are fair. We make sure your contract will work for you, with no surprises and no extra costs that don't make sense. Cass is recognized within the industry as an educated buyer of waste services - waste haulers and recyclers know that Cass has a solid understanding of the market. With our benchmark data, industry expertise and cost-of-service knowledge, we are able to negotiate best-of-market rates and contract terms.

When you come on board as a Cass client, we review every contract you have in place. It's often beneficial to renegotiate some of them right away. With a win-win mentality, vendors are often happy to work with us to renegotiate mid-term.

When negotiating waste service contracts for you, Cass provides:

  • Real-time, market-specific rate analysis
  • Volume purchasing power
  • Geographically-specific cost-of-service knowledge

What this means for you:

  • Maximized price value
  • Growth in buying power
  • Terms and conditions that work for you

Cass is not a waste broker. As an expense management service provider, we manage not only costs but all aspects of waste & recycling on your behalf. We interface with your vendors so you don't have to.

waste management program

For more information about the benefits of engaging a partner for waste expense management, call us at 1-800-332-1554 or contact us online.