Waste Invoice Audits

Cass Invoice Auditing Protects You from Overpaying Incorrect Charges

Across-the-board price increases, hidden fees, data-entry errors and phantom containers are just a few ways organizations are overbilled every month for their waste and recycling services. And, paying an incorrect bill can often obligate you to the increased expense due to tricky terms and conditions common in waste contracts.

How do we systematically audit every cost component of your invoice – even when most invoices present only an invoice total or summary data? WasteVision, our powerful technology platform, stores all the applicable data about your services, your suppliers and your rates. If in the middle of the month, someone at your company requests an additional service or change, that information is recorded in WasteVision. Based on the defined invoice cycle at each location, WasteVision applies business rules to calculate an expected monthly invoice amount. This establishes a baseline against which actual invoices can be compared. When invoices arrive, the system automatically identifies discrepancies that your Cass team of professionals then researches to confirm specific errors and submit credits due reports to the waste vendors. Our auditing professionals work with vendors to ensure timely credits for errors.

Our powerful bill auditing system and dedicated waste billing experts enable us to protect your business from even the most subtle billing errors. Once your data is being processed and analyzed using our WasteVision platform, you'll be amazed at how many errors we identify and correct in your monthly trash invoices.

We provide: 

  • Line-item level auditing of service invoices
  • Tracking of extra/temporary service orders
  • Detailed error description reporting
  • Error correction confirmation with vendors

What this means for you:

  • Only pay charges in compliance with service contracts
  • Only pay for accurate services rendered
  • Eliminate accounts payable headaches created by invoice errors

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